I’ve always made jewelry as a kid, simple bracelets and necklaces. I was born and raised in Saskatoon and a few summers ago (around 2014), my mom showed me how to make hemp jewelry, and I started knotting colored hemp into bracelets. Tying knots in classical macramé style is like a meditation for me. When I’m knotting, I’m aware that my energy is going into the piece. I relax and get lost in making a piece, it seems like everything around you stops… you kind of zone everything out, and it’s just me, tying the knots, making this piece. I love this peaceful feeling.

I like to incorporate charms in the form of a word or symbol to connect people with nature’s beauty. My pieces help people to feel grounded, happy with where you are, down-to-earth, and they kind of flow, they’re free. I like to use organic materials and imagery that connects to the idea of being grounded and free at the same time to change and grow. I’m drawn to symbols like: infinity (sideways 8), trees of life, leaves, feathers, and anchors. I’m fascinated by anything that comes from nature, grows from the earth, has roots and how everything seems so free to grow the way it wants to; nothing feels constricted. Wood is an amazing organic material, there are so many different types and I enjoy making earrings with all the beautiful grains and colors of wood, too.

My inspiration for my art comes from my grandmothers, Violet and Viva and I wanted to honor their creative spirits by naming my company after them. They enjoyed knitting, crocheting, painting and drawing and I grew up seeing them make beautiful things with their hands that I still cherish today. I wanted to follow in their footsteps and decided to create a company that cared about making jewelry that is eco-friendly. Hemp will decompose into the earth and comes in so many beautiful colors made of food grade dye so there’s nothing toxic in it.

The hippy hemp thing has always inspired me. I like a free-spirit kind of style and each piece is unique. My jewelry is meant to give people happy, joyful, positive vibes. It’s laid back, everyday jewelry. I love that hemp jewelry wears with you, the oils of the skin make it softer, and it’s pretty strong stuff. If you don’t wear in the water, it lasts longer, and gets softer and softer. I like having bracelets you can wear and you don’t have to take off for a couple of days; especially in the summer.

I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces and that my jewelry means something special to you.


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