My inspiration for my art comes from my grandmothers, Violet and Viva and I wanted to honor their creative spirits by naming my company after them. They enjoyed knitting, crocheting, painting and drawing and I grew up watching them make beautiful things with their hands that I still cherish today. 

I’ve always made jewelry as a kid, simple bracelets and necklaces. I was born and raised in Saskatoon and about five years ago my mom showed me how to make hemp jewelry, and I started knotting colored hemp into bracelets. I started selling my bracelets to friends and family. I entered my first market and I almost sold out, that’s when Violet and Viva was created.

I enjoy knotting hemp in a classic macrame style into bracelets with different styles of charms. My wood stud earrings are handcrafted and the types of wood are all hand picked. No laser cutters are used. I love making the earrings out of local Saskatchewan woods. Caragana and Birch are my favourites, so much colour and designs in the grains.

 I love combining different charms together for my necklaces. I also make wood bead bracelets and Czech glass bead bracelets with a ton of different charms to choose from. 

 My passion is to create. I hope my jewelry means something special to you.

- Kristi

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